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As the premier independent school in the Florence, Darlington & wider Pee Dee area, Trinity-Byrnes provides a rigorous and well-rounded college preparatory curriculum.

Vision Overview

a overview1Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School is a college preparatory school that offers a rigorous yet flexible curriculum designed to challenge students with average, above-average, and gifted academic potential.

Our academic programs push the capabilities of each student and build the necessary knowledge base required for success in college and beyond. We offer programs that ensure that our students receive a well-rounded education: one that emphasizes high academic and social standards, promotes healthy lifestyles, cultivates critical thinking and problem solving skills, and emphasizes team-based learning.

We embrace technology, experiential learning and teacher-student collaboration to foster innovation and creativity within and beyond classroom walls. Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School also emphasizes global interconnectedness, preparing students to compete in today’s international marketplace.

Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School nurtures in young people the values of academic accomplishment, moral and social consciousness, and a desire for life-long learning. We endeavor to instill in each student a sense of self-worth and self-confidence while emphasizing respect for others. Our school motto of Honor, Loyalty, and Perseverance reflects our commitment to developing in our students a sense of personal integrity and moral responsibility. Our Honor Code underscores the importance of individual student accountability for his or her actions.

Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School aspires to educate future leaders and offers many leadership opportunities while instilling in its students the value of service above self. A commitment to excellence permeates all aspects of school life. This spirit informs our school philosophy.

TBCS Learning Environment

Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School is committed to providing our students a safe, secure and inclusive learning environment, one that encourages intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness, and promotes respect for others. We are committed to providing students with the emotional and intellectual support, technological tools, and educational opportunities necessary to prepare them to attend the college of their choice and, ultimately, to become productive members of society.

Courses at a Glance


Students in every grade are required to take a full year of English instruction. In Middle School we offer both on level and honors-track courses. In the Upper School, students begin the formal study of literature with Introduction to Literary Forms (English 2) in Grade 9. American Literature (English 3) is studied in Grade 10, and British Literature (English 4) in Grade 11. The 12th grade English courses are Themes in Literature and Advanced Placement (AP) Literature or AP Language. Students who meet the course prerequisites and have teacher recommendation may request to take AP English Language or Literature in 11th grade.


Students in every grade are required to take a full year of Mathematics instruction. Placement in a particular Mathematics course is contingent upon successful completion of the prerequisite course. The normal sequence of courses includes a minimum of Pre-Algebra/Math 8, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II. Upper level math classes include Advanced Functions, Pre-Calculus, Calculus (Honors or AP), and Statistics (Honors or AP).

Social Studies

Students study World Geography in Grade 7, United States and South Carolina History (through Civil War and Reconstruction) in Grade 8, and World History in Grade 9. Students in 10th grade take History of Modern Europe and Modern Middle East/North Africa (Afro-Eurasia). United States History is studied either at Honors or AP level in Grade 11. Elective offerings include (AP) Psychology, AP European History, AP Art History and Global Connections. We strongly recommend -since many in-state colleges require- that students take Economics & US Government. A semester class in comparative World Religions is also a requirement.


Students study Life Science in Grade 7, and Physical Science in Grade 8. In the Upper School the usual sequence is Biology, Chemistry, then Physics or one of our other science offerings, including Anatomy & Physiology, Marine Biology, and Forensic Science. Advanced Placement courses are available in Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry and Physics.


Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate offers a choice of instruction in Modern and Classical Languages: Spanish, French, Latin and Greek. French, Spanish, and Latin can be taken through the fourth or fifth year of study. Three years of the same language are required for graduation. Students are allowed to take more than one language, with departmental recommendation.

Computer Science/Information Technology

Middle School students receive instruction in keyboarding proficiency, Microsoft Office applications, Google Apps, design, online research skills & digital citizenship. A High School credit in I.T. is required for graduation, and current courses include Being Digital, Digital Media, Digital Publishing and Web design. Using iPads, Macs and PCs, students in these courses will develop competency in a range of productivity, creative and Web 2.0 applications. Skills may include graphic design & image manipulation (InDesign, Photoshop), digital audio production & podcasting (GarageBand), media design & production (iMovie, FinalCut Express).

Creative Arts

A program of studio art, drama, dance and music begins in 7th grade, with opportunities to study both theory and practice, and to perform in formal and informal contexts. An Upper School arts credit is required for graduation and may be gained in Studio Art, Dance, Drama, AP Art History, Photography, Art Portfolio, or Music.

Religious Studies

A one-semester high school course in Comparative World Religions is required for graduation.

Physical Education

All students are required to take Physical Education classes in Middle School. A Health curriculum is also a part of this program. Students must gain 1 credit in PE during Upper School. This can be gained by participation in a year of PE or Dance class, or by playing in 2 seasons of varsity athletics.

Independent Studies, Online Learning, Dual Enrollment

In the Upper School, a student may propose to do an independent study, which can include online/distance learning. The Assistant Head of School for Academics approves proposals that are endorsed by one of the student's parents, the supervising teacher, the student’s adviser, and Department Coordinator. Students enrolling and completing semester dual enrollment or concurrent courses (defined as those arranged between Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School and colleges and universities), may be awarded graduation credits, with advance written permission of the Head of School/Assistant Head of School for Academics.

Study Skills Program

Students who require (per IEP or 504 Accommodations Plan) or who are referred to the Study Skills program for additional academic and organizational support may work with our Learning Specialist in the Learning Center.

Our Mission
To operate exclusively as a college preparatory school of academic excellence for grades 6-12, preparing our students intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually to be well-rounded citizens able to lead productive lives in a global society.