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As the premier independent school in the Florence, Darlington & wider Pee Dee area, Trinity-Byrnes provides a rigorous and well-rounded college preparatory curriculum.

Middle School

middle school

Trinity-Byrnes offers middle school students (grades 7 and 8) a rigorous yet flexible curriculum designed to challenge and inspire. Our goal is to provide students with a well-rounded education inside and outside of the classroom. We fulfill this mission by encouraging students to cultivate their critical thinking and problem solving skills through a diverse curriculum. 

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The following courses are offered at the middle school level:

Middle School Art/Music Courses

Middle School Art

This program will introduce students to the elements and principles of design in art. The course will focus on basic concepts such as color theory, drawing techniques, printmaking, 3D design, ceramics, and painting.

Middle School Dance

This year-long course offers instruction in basic dance techniques, fitness fundamentals, movement qualities, and rhythm with an emphasis on creativity, and performance. Middle School Dance is open to both boys and girls and is particularly recommended for cheerleaders and other student athletes who wish to improve agility, flexibility and coordination. A short performance will take place in the spring.

Middle School Music

Middle School Music is a semester-long introductory study into vocal performance and music basics, in which the goals is to obtain a greater understanding of music and to build confidence as a vocal performer. Students will perform in a final Stage Performance, and in the Winter/Spring Concerts.

Middle School Drama

Middle School Drama is an introduction to the study of Dramatic Arts with an emphasis in the area of Theatrical Performance. Students are provided with an overview in all areas of acting and stage production and will grow in their knowledge and confidence through performance. All students will be given the opportunity to participate in a large theatrical production. This is a year-long course.

Middle School Computer Technology

Middle School Being Digital (S) (Honors)

This semester long basic introductory computer class explores iPad basics, keyboarding, powerpoint, Renweb, Google Classroom, and Google literacy and utilization. This class is open for 7th and 8th grade students and will count as .50 credit.

Middle School Introduction to Programing (S) (Honors)

The course is an honors level, semester long class and will provide 8th graders with the basic fundamentals of computer programming. They will learn to create basic computer applications in the Processing Development Environment using the Processing programming language as well as web development skills with HTML and CSS. Upon completion of this course students receive .5 credit hours.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Being Digital or Digital Literacy with a minimum grade of 85.

Middle School English

English Language Arts 7

Students in Grade 7 read four major types of literary texts: fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry, and drama. Seventh grade students create written work that has a clear focus, sufficient detail, coherent organization, effective use of voice, and correct use of the conventions of written Standard American English. Students must also clarify and refine research topics using print and non-print sources. English 8, or English 1 Honors are the courses that follow English 7.

English Language Arts 8

This course is the on-level 8th grade English language and literature program. Students consolidate and build on the skills and knowledge gained in English 7 in order to be prepared to begin the regular track of upper school English classes, beginning with English 1, in 9th Grade.

English I - Genre Studies (Honors or CP)

Students in English I will read and analyze four major types of literary texts: fiction, literary non-fiction, poetry, and drama. Students will also create written work that has a clear focus, sufficient detail, coherent organization, effective use of voice, and core use of standard American English. They will build vocabulary by word analysis and vocabulary strategies while focusing on specialized and academic vocabulary. They will also access and use information from a variety of sources for research purposes.

Prerequisite: Honors for Grade 8 requires 85 or higher in English Language Arts 7

Middle School Mathematics

Math 7

This is a 7th grade course that includes the Standards for Mathematical Practice and the Standards for Mathematical Content. The goal of Math 7 is to ensure mastery of 7th grade mathematical standards to fully prepare students to progress to higher-level courses. Students will generally progress to Pre-Algebra 8, then Algebra I in 9th grade.

Pre-Algebra 7H/8CP

The objective of this course is to review previously learned material to cover and ensure mastery of concepts and skills needed for success in Algebra I. New algebraic concepts, such as two-step linear equations and inequalities, are introduced and developed, segueing to verifying and finding solutions to word problems at the Algebra I level.

Prerequisites: 7H requires minimum grade of 85 in 6th grade math, a predetermined standardized test math score, and teacher recommendation.

Algebra I (Honors or CP)

Students may enter Algebra I after taking either Pre-Algebra, or Math 8. It may be taken in 8th grade for Honors credit, or at CP level in 9th grade. Algebra I introduces basic algebraic skills and concepts focusing on mathematical problem solving. It includes operations with real numbers, simplifying expressions, evaluating and solving equations and inequalities, linear graphs, functions, polynomials, and factoring. Algebra I is a prerequisite for Geometry.

Prerequisite: Honors requires a minimum grade of 85 in Pre-Algebra. CP has no prerequisite.

Middle School Science

Life Science

This introductory course taken by all 7th grade students includes the study of cells, diversity, health & ecology. Science process skills and the scientific method are integrated within these topics.

Earth Science

This on-level 8th grade Science course studies the branch of science dealing with the physical constitution of the earth and its atmosphere to include geology, oceanography, and meteorology.

Prerequisite: Life Science

Physical Science (Honors)

This 8th grade course covers the basics of chemistry and physics. Students will develop a solid foundation in a variety of concepts including matter, energy, atoms, the periodic table of elements, chemical reactions, velocity, acceleration, forces, and Newton’s law of motion.

Prerequisite: Life Science with an 80 or higher year end average

Middle School Social Studies

World Geography 7

World Geography is a broad survey course of world geography. Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of both Physical & Human Geography including weather, climate, vegetation, oceans and seas, and world resources. The course outlines the five major themes of world geography with an emphasis on the study of social, environmental, economic, and political issues that impact today’s world.

SC History and The Founding Fathers

Students in 8th grade take a broad survey course of South Carolina History during the 1st semester, contrasting the political, social, and environmental aspects -both past and present- that play a role in the story of South Carolina. The Founding Fathers is an exploration of the people and the documents that forged the early history of the United States.

Middle School World Languages

Latin Ia, Ib (CP)

This introductory course for 7th grade students teaches comprehension of the Latin language by practice in reading through which students develop understanding of the social and political history of the Romans. Students will need a good understanding of English grammatical terms and concepts in order to succeed in this course. Students who complete Latin Ib in 8th grade will gain high school Latin I credit, counting towards the three year language graduation requirement. High school students who wish to start Latin will, with teacher approval, begin their Latin studies in this class, with the goal of moving directly to Latin II the following year.

Latin I (CP)

Intended for students who have taken Latin Ia in 7th grade, Level I Latin teaches comprehension of the Latin language through practice in reading through which students develop understanding of the social and political history of the Romans. Latin students from grade 7 to grade 9 will compete in the National Mythology exam.

French & Spanish I/Ia-b (CP)

French and Spanish I are taught primarily in the target language. In level I, students will communicate on a variety of personal topics, such as family and friends, likes and dislikes, and classes. Students will speak the target language every Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School 2019-2020 Curriculum Guide 22day, in addition to developing skills in listening, reading, writing, and intercultural interactions. Students’ goal is to communicate at the Novice Mid proficiency level (ACTFL). Level I is offered at the middle and upper school level. Students who complete French or Spanish Ib in 8th grade will gain high school language 1 credit, counting towards the three year language graduation requirement.




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To operate exclusively as a college preparatory school of academic excellence for grades 6-12, preparing our students intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually to be well-rounded citizens able to lead productive lives in a global society.