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Student Services

Books and Supplies

Students have access to the use of textbooks in a variety of digital and/or traditional formats.

A supply list is mailed during the summer. It is the responsibility of the students to be prepared with paper, pencils, pens, and the appropriate supplies for each course. Math students will be asked to purchase a graphing calculator. Students should place their names in all books and on all equipment to make it easier to return lost items to their rightful owners. A locker is provided for each student.

College Counseling

The school College Counseling Office assists students and parents in the selection and placement procedures for admission to college and university. The goal of the counseling process is to seek the best possible match between a student’s abilities and interests and the college’s offerings and standards.

Student and parent responsibilities in this process are to meet with the college counselor, to attend special college counseling programs to gain information about the process, to ensure that college entrance testing is completed, and to provide completed applications and other documents in a timely manner.

Since students’ innate abilities, as well as factors such as motivation and dedication, are major determinants of academic success and performance on standardized tests, the school makes no claims and accepts no responsibility regarding students’ SAT/ACT scores or acceptance into particular colleges and universities.

More information is available on the College Counseling section of the website.

Food Services

The school contracts with various vendors to provide food during lunch periods. Students may also bring their own lunches, but students may not order deliveries during the day. Food and beverages must be consumed in designated areas only.

Lost and Found

Found items are stored in a designated location. It is the responsibility of the students to check for their own belongings. At the conclusion of each semester, unclaimed items will be donated to charity or discarded.

Standardized Testing

The school provides annual standardized ability/achievement testing for all students in grades 7 through 11. Individual student score reports are provided to parents and the administration welcomes parent inquiries regarding student progress and the interpretation of test results.

Juniors and seniors are expected to take the College Board’s Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and/or the American College Testing Program (ACT) as part of the college placement process. Registration for and the expense of the SAT and/or the ACT are the responsibility of students and parents. The school registers students for AP exams and bills parents for the testing fee (approx $90).

Students who study classical/foreign languages may be expected to take an annual standardized test sponsored by the respective national language associations. Individual student scores are included in the 4th quarter average.


The school provides transportation for out-of-town field trips and athletic events. Students are held responsible for the condition of the vehicles upon returning from trips. Students must ride in school vehicles when provided, rather than driving themselves or riding with others. Requests for exceptions to this rule must be approved in advance by the administration.

TBCS also provides transportation to school from certain areas in Florence. Parents should contact the school office if interested in purchasing this service.

While the school will attempt to deliver messages to students regarding daily transportation arrangements, we cannot guarantee that messages can be delivered which are received too close to departure times.

Our Mission
To operate exclusively as a college preparatory school of academic excellence for grades 6-12, preparing our students intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually to be well-rounded citizens able to lead productive lives in a global society.