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Our Policies

This information can also be found in the Student-Parent Handbook.

Athletic Association and Participation Policy

Trinity-Byrnes is a member of the South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA) for varsity and junior varsity competitions. SCISA rules and regulations govern our athletic participation. Athletic participation is encouraged for all students, and teams follow a “no-cuts” policy. This means that all students are invited to participate; however, it is the coaches’ discretion as to the amount of playing time players receive.

Participation in more than one sport per season is permitted; however, caution must be exercised to avoid students becoming overextended. Requests for permission to participate in multiple sports will be reviewed and determined on a case-by-case basis by the Athletic Director and Head of School.

Students who are absent from school for any part of the day of an after-school activity or an athletic contest will not be allowed to participate in that activity or contest. Exceptions to this rule can be granted by the administration for medical appointments and other legitimate reasons.

Athletic Eligibility

Eligibility for varsity and junior varsity athletics is determined by SCISA and by TBCS. Parents must sign a permission form required by SCISA before the student can participate in sports. A physical examination form signed by a physician is also mandatory for all interscholastic athletics. Students in grades 9-12 must also meet the following criteria:

  1. A student has only eight semesters of eligibility from the date of first entrance into ninth grade (at any school).
  2. Transfer students may have to wait for a qualifying period of time under certain circumstances.
  3. Student-athletes must not have reached their 19th birthday prior to a date determined by SCISA.
  4. Students must pass at least 4 core academic subjects (or any 5 courses) during the previous 
grading period. This rule applies to the following intervals:
  • Eligibility is reviewed in October based on grades earned through mid-semester.
  • Eligibility is reviewed in December based on the fall semester average, including exams.
  • Eligibility is reviewed in March based on grades earned through mid-semester.
  • Eligibility for the beginning of the following year is reviewed in the summer and is based on the spring 
semester average, including exams.
  • Summer school is considered an extension of the spring semester.

Additionally, student-athletes must be in good standing in matters of discipline and academics. Students may be held out of competitions or not allowed to travel as a result of academic nonperformance/probation, excessive absence or tardiness, accumulation of discipline referrals, failure to return uniforms or equipment, or other rules violations.

Behavior which brings about technical fouls or expulsion from games is unacceptable and may result in further sanctions from the school administration. Conduct on or off the field which brings dishonor to the team or the school will not be tolerated and may result in suspensions. In extreme cases, dismissal from the team or the school may result.

Any student-athlete who is suspended from a team, or who quits a team, is not permitted to participate in another sport while the original sport is still in season. Exceptions to this rule can be granted only by the Head of School.

TBCS students who attend games, either home or away, are under the authority of the designated school official for that contest. Currently enrolled students, even if not members of the team at an athletic event, must conform to school rules and behavior expectations.

Athletic Trips

Students remain responsible for all their school work even when athletic trips require early departure from school or late returns at night.

Athletic teams may go on trips which require staying overnight. The cost of meals and accommodations for participants is the responsibility of the parents.

When student-athletes are selected to participate in all-star games, the school will pay any entry fee; however, parents are responsible for travel to the contests and for lodging expenses.

All school rules remain in force during athletic trips, plus a special dress code (see below). Student-athletes are expected to be punctual, arriving at school on the day after an athletic trip at the normal time for class or assembly.

Generally, athletes are required to travel to out-of-town events with the teams in school-provided transportation and to sit with team members in an area designated by the coaching staff. It is acceptable for parents in attendance at games to take their own children home with them, but not other students without specific written permission from the other students’ parents. Such permission documents should be provided to the school office on the morning of the trip.

When traveling off campus to athletic events, students are held to higher standards of appearance. Participants will be notified in advance if this dress code is modified for certain trips.

Following is the dress code for athletic trips:

Young men are expected to wear dress pants with belt, dress shoes with socks, and dress shirts with ties.

Young ladies should wear dresses, skirts with blouses, or dress pants, with appropriate footwear.

The Athletic Director may specify different team attire for athletic trips and allow for relaxed dress on return trips, in which case the school’s regular dress code is the minimum standard.


Cheerleading is considered a sport and athletic eligibility and other rules apply. As a sport, cheerleading involves skills and activities that require good physical health and conditioning. It is expected that anyone who participates in cheerleading is willing and physically able to participate in these activities.

Cheerleaders must be present at all games which they are scheduled to attend and cheer, unless there is a written explanation for an illness, family emergency, or school related absence and may not miss more than three practices. Violation of this policy will result in the loss of a letter and/or dismissal from the squad.

Cheerleaders are allowed to participate in another sport, but must coordinate with the Athletic Director and coaches if they are going to miss practices or games.

Varsity Letters and Annual Awards

Each varsity coach determines his/her specific requirements for the earning of varsity letters. Varsity letters, certificates, pins, and other recognition occurs at an athletic awards program following each sports season.

Additionally, in the spring of each year, the following special annual awards are given to recognize sportsmanship and athletic achievement:

The Lydia B. Goodwin Sportsmanship Award is named in fond memory of a former English teacher at Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate. She made a lasting impression upon all who knew her, but she passed away due to an illness in 2005. This award is given to the senior athlete who best represents Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate through his/her sportsmanship and positive attitude. The winner is selected by secret ballot by the members of the coaching staff.

The Athletes-of-the-Year awards are also voted upon by the coaching staff. One male and one female are selected from grades 9 through 12. Student-athlete candidates must have participated in at least two varsity sports.

The Father Pete Cooper Scholar-Athlete Award is given to one male and one female student in grades 9-12 with the highest GPAs for the year who also participated in at least 2 sports.

Our Mission
To operate exclusively as a college preparatory school of academic excellence for grades 7-12, preparing our students intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually to be well-rounded citizens able to lead productive lives in a global society.