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Trinity-Byrnes serves families throughout the Pee Dee region of northeastern South Carolina.

Governance & Board

The Board of Trustees is a self-perpetuating body responsible for the supervision, management, and operations of Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School.

The Board is entrusted with overseeing the fulfillment of the school’s underlying mission. As the guardian of the school’s mission, the Board of Trustees develops policies and initiatives while ensuring the school’s continued growth and sustainability. The Board of Trustees continually reassesses the school’s mission and sets new goals and objectives as appropriate. The responsibilities of the Board of Trustees also include development and implementation of a strategic vision, approving the annual budget, and serving as an advocate and ambassador of the school.

The Board of Trustees hires a Headmaster (Head of School) who is tasked with executing and administering the policies of the school as set by the Board of Trustees, hiring and managing all other employees, and overseeing the daily operations and programs of the school. In partnership with the Board of Trustees, the Headmaster works to fulfill the school’s purpose as outlined in the Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School Mission Statement and Academic Vision Statement.

The Board of Trustees is drawn from the school’s parent-base, alumni, community leaders, alumni-parents, or other individuals who believe in the school’s mission. The Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School Board of Trustees subscribes to the Principles of Good Practice established by the National Association of Independent Schools and as outlined in the Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School Board of Trustees Handbook.


Board of Trustees, 2018-2019

Dr. William Naso (Chair)
Dr. Howard Farrell (Vice Chair)
Mr. Mike Roach (Treasurer)
Mrs. Gailey Saleeby (Secretary)
Mr. Brian Bagwell
Mr. James Brown
Dr. Kievers Cunningham
Dr. Paul Davis
Mr. Edward Hoffman (Headmaster)
Mrs. Tara Jeffords
Mr. Jim Lassiter
Mr. Terry Lowe
Dr. Tom Mezzanotte
Mrs. Elizabeth Poston
Mr. Chris Scott
Dr. Jamie Smith
Mrs. Sally Warren
Mrs. Octavia Williams-Blake
Mrs. Belle Zeigler
Our Mission
To operate exclusively as a college preparatory school of academic excellence for grades 7-12, preparing our students intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually to be well-rounded citizens able to lead productive lives in a global society.