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We appreciate your interest in Trinity-Byrnes and invite you to learn more about our academic vision and admissions process.


Trinity-Byrnes is an elite college preparatory school offering middle and high school students a rigorous yet flexible academic curriculum.


The international dimension is important to us. We believe it's our responsibility to make sure our students engage with the world.


Trinity-Byrnes offers students a robust and diverse arts program including courses in dance, drama, music, and visual arts.


We offer 16 varsity and JV teams for students to choose from during all seasons. Learn more about our athletic program here.


Trinity-Byrnes has been one of the top private schools in Florence, SC for over 20 years. We invite you to view our history.

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2017-2018 Academic Year Tuition & Fees

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Below you will find information regarding the tuition cost and associated fees of attending Trinity-Byrnes. Please visit our Admissions Process page for information on how to apply to Trinity-Byrnes as well as what to expect during the application/admissions process.

2017-2018 Academic Year

Click a plan type to find out more:

  • Plan A

    All tuition and fees paid in full by June 15 (or date of enrollment contract in cases of late enrollment). Tuition Refund Plan is optional, and if selected, must be paid by June 15 (or with enrollment contract in cases of late enrollment).

    Payment in full: $7,800 (due 06/15)
  • Plan B

    The full tuition amount plus $150 administrative charge is divided into 2 payments. One-half of the full year’s tuition is due by June 15 (or date of enrollment contract in cases of late enrollment). The second half of the tuition is due by October 15. Tuition Refund Plan is required and must be paid by June 15.

    2 Payments: $3,975.00 (due 06/15) and $3,975.00 (due 10/15)
    Tuition Refund Plan required in addition base tuition fee*
  • Plan C

    The full tuition amount plus $300 administrative charge is divided into 10 equal monthly installments with the first installment due June 15 (or date of enrollment contract in cases of late enrollment) and the last payment due March 15, inclusive. Tuition Refund Plan is required and must be paid by June 15.

    10 Monthly Payments: $810.00 (due on the 1st of each month 06/15 - 03/15)
    Tuition Refund Plan required in addition base tuition fee*

(Tuition is prorated for enrollment after the beginning of school. Some payment plans may not be available in cases of late enrollment.)

Other Fees:

Activity Fee (required of all students): $150.00 

Building/Technology Escrow Fund Fee (required of all students): $180.00 

Digital Access Fee: $75 (required of all students)

Performing and Fine Arts Fee (Art, Drama, Dance, Music students only): $100.00

Athletics Fee of $100 will be charged per season for each participating athlete.

*Tuition Refund Plan (2.8% of tuition) - $218.40 

Explanation of Fees and Discounts:

Application Fee (One time fee included with initial application for enrollment) - $50.00

Tuition Down Payment - (Paid each year to reserve a place in the class) - $500.00 

  • Note: The down payment is non-refundable and is required with the enrollment contract.
  • The $500 tuition down payment will be applied to the June invoices. 

Activity Fee - (Required of all students - due June 15th - Covers some field trip costs, standardized testing, student accident insurance.) - $150.00

Building/Technology Escrow Fund Fee - (Required of all students) - $180.00

Performing and Fine Arts Fee - (Required of all students for art supplies and materials) - $100.00

Administrative Charge (applied to Plan B and Plan C payment plans)

  • Plan B - $150.00
  • Plan C - $300.00

Financial Aid (Financial Aid is available to students based on demonstrated need.) 

Please contact the Admissions Office and review financial aid policies in the Parent and Student Handbook for more information.


Additional Fees and Charges:

eTexts, Books and Materials - (Textbooks are bought by the individual at the annual book sale held each year a few days before school opening.)

Lunch Service - (weekly a la carte ordering from various vendors, or bring your own)

Late Payment Penalty - Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C: Payments received after the due date will be assessed $50.00 monthly late fees.

Returned Payment Item - (Any returned item will be subject to a $30.00 handling fee.)

Credit Card Payments - (Payment with credit cards is allowed, but users will be charged a fee of 6% of the amount paid by credit card.)

Parking Permit: $50

Bus Fee (transportation to TBCS daily with pick-up from All Saints campus): $295/semester

Funding An Independent School Education at Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School

Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School is a not-for-profit organization operating without any local, state, or federal funding. Unfortunately, tuition and fees alone do not cover the cost of a Trinity-Byrnes education. Our school is largely sustained by the good works and tax-deductible charitable gifts of its families and community.

Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School maintains a conservative fiscal policy while enhancing its educational programs and improving its facilities. The operating budget, which is supported, in part, by The Annual Fund, provides funding for academic programs, athletics, financial aid, and faculty salaries, as well as the maintenance of our buildings, facilities, and technology infrastructure.

Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School has a long history and tradition of giving. Without the tremendous generosity of our parents, alumni, and friends we would not be the school we are today. Families who are new to Trinity-Byrnes are invited to participate in the New Families Campaign—a tradition at Trinity-Byrnes.


Trinity-Byrnes by the Numbers

Take a look at what makes our school exceptional.

8 1 student
9:1 student to
teacher ratio
14 average
14 average
class size
ap courses
AP courses
14 sports
clubs and orgs
20 student clubs and organizations
100% of students accepted to
4 year colleges
Our Mission
To operate exclusively as a college preparatory school of academic excellence for grades 7-12, preparing our students intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually to be well-rounded citizens able to lead productive lives in a global society.