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Kristina MacPherson

Kristina MacPherson

In the fall of 2010 I began teaching Anatomy and Physiology at Trinity-Byrnes. The class is an elective honors-level lab science, with the majority of students being juniors and seniors. With the help of Dr. William Naso and through my connections with McLeod Health, I am able to take my students to surgical observations. This experience allows the students to witness anatomy and physiology firsthand! I love introducing interesting facts about and processes of the human body to students using anatomical models, medical worksheets, and dissections.

Why should a family send their student to TBCS?

Being a former parent of 9 years, and a faculty member for the past 6 years has given me a broad perspective on what TBCS has to offer. If you have a child who is academically oriented, TBCS has choices - from unique Honors level science courses to AP level classes in all subjects. If you have a child who loves the arts - we have it all - phenomenal art programs, music, drama and dance. TBCS also offers a huge variety of sports so if your child is interested in exploring something new, our school makes this opportunity happen . And the best part - your child can do it all here!!!!

  • Courses and Grade Levels:
  • Anatomy and Physiology (11th-12th)
  • Forensic Science (11th-12th)
  • Nutrition (11th-12th)
  • Certifications and Honors:
  • Registered Nurse in South and North Carolina
  • Education:
  • B.S. in Nursing, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Our Mission
To operate exclusively as a college preparatory school of academic excellence for grades 7-12, preparing our students intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually to be well-rounded citizens able to lead productive lives in a global society.